All workshops are conducted concurrently on the first day of the conference (November 7th, 2017, from 14.00 to 18.30), and divided into two sessions. Available topics are as follows:

  1. Indonesian Leadership Eight Essential
    Instructed by: Dr Angela Oktavia Suryani & Felix Kusmanto, B.Psych., MMP
    Angela Oktavia Suryani is a lecturer and researcher in cross-cultural psychology and psychological measurement at Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia. Felix Kusmanto is a professional in industrial psychology with years of experience, who has had the privilege to serve as an organizational learning and development specialist in large multinationals such as Petronas, SONY Malaysia, Genting Group, Robert Bosch Malaysia and other  companies throughout Malaysia and Indonesia. Upon the completion of this 4-hour introductory session, you will have a clearer picture on the eight core competencies to nurture and lead team effectively in the Indonesian context.  This experiential research-based program session will also equip participants with the practical how-to guide in implementing the concept in their organizations.
  2. Future Calls: Sustainable Social Intervention with Business Principles
    Instructed by: Prof. Dr. B.P. Dwi Riyanti, Shasha Disyacitta, M.Psi., & Paulus Hartanto, M.Psi. (Bobby)
    B.P. Dwi Riyanti is a tenured professor in Atma Jaya Catholic University, renowned for her studies in entrepreneurship and has written books on the topic. Since 2010, Bobby & Shasha have been running their strategic learning consultant called FLIP and joined the YCAB Social Enterprise in 2013, The YCAB social enterprise focuses on businesses that can end the cycle of poverty, through education & economic empowerment. Today, both of them are still actively engage in YCAB foundation as supervisory board member of human capital & ethics committee. At the end of this workshop participants will be able to identify variety of social enterprise activities and create a Social Business Ideas using the theory of impact and social enterprise model.
  3. Modern Marriages: Strengths and Challenges
    Instructed by: Dr. Adriana Ginanjar, M.S., Psikolog & Pingkan C.B. Rumondor, M.Psi., Psi.
    Adriana Soekandar Ginanjar is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia. Adriana is now the Head of Professional Psychologist Program. She is also the Director of Mandiga (a school for autistic individuals) and a practicing marriage and family therapist. Pingkan C. B. Rumondor is a clinical psychologist and now a Ph.D student at Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia. She provides psychological interventions focused in trauma, romantic relationship, and marrital issues among young adult. She is certified as EMDR therapy consultant and Prepare-Enrich (marriage assessment tools) facilitator. In this interactive workshop participants will learn about several contemporary theories related to marriage, specific issues in modern marriages, and challenges faced by the couples. Some case examples will be discussed in groups, including problem solving by harnessing the strenghts of couples and extended families.

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